Queen Of The Black River 1&2 With Regina Daniels

Nwando was humiliated and accused of all sorts of evil. Just because she won the love of a man who was supposed to be the King of the community, but was taken away by a mysterious death at his prime. But the gods were with her. She gave birth to the great daughter of the black river who unraveled the mystery behind the strange turmoil in the community. Find out in this exceptional epic movie.

Reports Claims Blood Moon A Sign Of End Time

“Strange feelings about these times i feel in my heart, a little fear, and not knowing when the birth pains will start to hit my country Brazil, but mostly i fear for the unsaved, those who refuses to see according to the word of GOD and REPENT, or they shall likewise perish, GOD HAVE MERCY. as for those who are losing everything they own, i feel your frustration and i too suffer when you suffer what more can i do but ask GOD to please come quickly.” – Youtube user